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Here are a few things to consider about our
Heroin Addiction / Opiate Detox Program.


The heroin addiction program is designed to educate clients and help them to overcome there addiction to opiates. Chemical dependency demands that we provide accurate information regarding the progressive, chronic, and fatal nature of this disease. Through a wide range of lectures, work shops, videos, individual counseling, group therapy, writing and reading assignments, the client gains the information, insight and solutions needed to accept there disease.

Additionally, we have incorporated principal of a holistic life style into our program including our efforts to provide each client the added benefits of nutritional counseling and a healthy daily diet, also utilizing such treatment as acupuncture, yoga and massage. To further support holistic recovery, each client will be under the medical care and guidance of our physicians and nutritionists. We strive to be sure you have competent medical care to assist in our endeavor to help you prevent further illness, facilitate recovery, and to optimize your health in the future.

Opiate detox can be incredibly uncomfortable for the addicted person. For this reason we have developed our opiate detox program to be as accommodating as possible during this painful time. Our emphasis is on personal attention and our clients are medically monitored. Using traditional as well as alternative medicine, we treat withdraw symptoms and complications that occur.

Successful opiate detox can make all the difference for someone in early recovery. For many the pain from opiate detox is enough to send them back to active addiction. This is why it is so important to have properly managed detox services.
Dear Tropical Oasis,

I was addicted to painkillers (norcos) for 2 years and vicodins for 5 years before coming to Holistic Drug Rehab I used and abused alcohol for over 25 yrs. Since leaving Holistic Rehab after 30 days of treatment I have lost the craving for the pills and enjoy the freedom and joy of Sobriety! I absolutely could not have succeeded without the professional guidance of Nick Russi and his wonderful puppy Fritzy!

FIST  (Faith in Sobriety Today)

Sincerely yours,
William De Long  Pura Vida !  Vaya con Dios

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It is important to start a Heroin addiction treatment at an inpatient rehabilitation facility. Starting as soon as possible will help yield the best results for sobriety.

It is important to start a Heroin addiction treatment at an inpatient rehabilitation facility. Starting as soon as possible will help yield the best results for sobriety.

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About Holistic Drug Rehab Costa Rica

We know that each client is an individual. Our treatment plans are tailored to address each persons specific needs. Most drug addiction rehabs are missing a very important element in there programs. This is the personalization of each client who walks through the door. Our drug rehab treatment program is not a "cookie cutter" approach. This seems to be widespread in the treatment industry. Holistic drug rehab is a small 8-10 bed facility, focusing our time and energy in the recovery of our clients. Our center is privately owned and our program is completely confidential.

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