Holistic Drug Rehab Costa Rica offers a traditional and holistic approach in a beautiful tropical environment. We are Costa Rica's number one source for quality addiction treatment. Help is just a phone call away.. 866-921-3778

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Juan Carlos is our medical director at Tropical Oasis.Medical

Dr. Juan Carlos Arias

Juan Carlos is our medical director at Tropical Oasis. Dr. Arias is responsible for overseeing and managing detoxification for every client that comes through our facility.


He is also responsible for evaluating and treating the overall physical health of our clients. Juan Carlos has extensive knowledge and experience in this area, and has worked in many different capacities in the medical field. Juan Carlos currently owns one outpatient medical center in Jaco, Costa Rica. Juan Carlos recieved his medical degree from UCIMED, a highly acclaimed medical school in Costa Rica. UCIMED was founded in 1978 and has had a legacy of excellency in the teachings of medicine.

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About Holistic Drug Rehab Costa Rica

We know that each client is an individual. Our treatment plans are tailored to address each persons specific needs. Most drug addiction rehabs are missing a very important element in there programs. This is the personalization of each client who walks through the door. Our drug rehab treatment program is not a "cookie cutter" approach. This seems to be widespread in the treatment industry. Holistic drug rehab is a small 8-10 bed facility, focusing our time and energy in the recovery of our clients. Our center is privately owned and our program is completely confidential.

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